The Flowers In The Office Are Withering Too Fast, What Should You Do?

- Jun 05, 2018-

The Flowers In The Office Are Withering Too Fast, What Should You Do?

    In modern society, flower arrangement as a relatively elegant art has become a hobby for more and more people. Xiao Bian has several friends around her who have studied in the flower art class. In fact, not only can the flower arrangement make the home more beautiful and more viable, but it can also enhance one's aesthetic and patience. But flower arrangement is not a matter of inserting flowers in the bottle. You need to pay attention to many details. You should not only pay attention to collocation, but you must also think of ways to prolong the life of the flowers. Otherwise, the flowers will soon wither and wither. How can we extend the life of flower arrangements?

First, choose fresh flowers

     If you want flowers to last in your hands, you need to carefully observe when choosing flowers: if the water is muddy and the stems and leaves are yellow with mucus, this flower is not fresh enough. Please give up. You should select flowers that have relatively clean stems and leaves, and then observe the growth and status of the flowers. The truly fresh flowers will always reveal a fresh air. The state is vigorous and the petals are full of gratification.

Second, we must do a good job

     When the flowers are taken home, they must be trimmed in time. When cutting squid, the cuts are preferably cut into 45-degree bevels to prevent the bacteria of the flower roots from damaging the flowers. The water-absorbing area can also be enlarged and the water-absorbing pipes can be kept smooth. Can stay longer. Some woody flower materials such as wood hydrangeas, waxy plums, etc., can be cut off the end of the epidermis or cut into a cross cut, or crushed with a hammer in the end 3-4cm position to maximize the water absorption area.

     In addition, for blossoming branches containing many juices, such as poinsettia, they should not be immediately inserted into the water after cutting, but cut the cut surface into the flame of a candle or an alcohol lamp to scorch and cut some scorched portions, and then disinfect and use them. Wash with clean water, and finally insert water to prevent it from withering due to excessive loss of juice; if it is a flower that does not produce milk, cut it in water to prevent more air from entering the stem end through the incision, blocking stem input Required water; carnations Do not cut branches at the branches. Chrysanthemums are best used to replace the stems by hand.


Third, we must promptly kill and eliminate infection

     Adding acetic acid, citric acid or bleach to the water can inhibit the growth of bacteria, but the concentration should not be too high; applying salt, alcohol, alum, mint, oil, etc. in the incision can also inhibit the growth of bacteria and extend the life span of flowers, but remember Only one of these can be used.

     In addition, we must disinfect the incision of flowers to ensure that the branches of flowers that are immersed in water are not susceptible to infection. Commonly used methods are hot water scald, fire, salt, vinegar, acid or alkali smear. The sticking method is to put 2-3cm of the squid end into boiling water and scald it for about 2 minutes. Immediately dip it into cold water and insert it into the vase. Generally, it is suitable for flowers with soft stems and twigs, such as tulips and peony flowers. Burning method refers to using a little alcohol at the incision and putting it into the flame to burn. When the incision is close to charred, insert the vase, but this method should only be used for woody plants or rough and stiff plants, such as cloves, Plum, peony, chrysanthemum.

Fourth, can add appropriate amount of pills in water

  Putting a powdered aspirin half tablet, or vitamin C, or an appropriate amount of boric acid, sulfur, or 0.1% table salt in 500 g of water has the effect of prolonging the flowering period. But remember that no matter what you add, the water in the bottle will change once every two days, and you will need to clear the leaves. The leaves that are soaked in the water should be completely removed because the rotted leaves will contaminate the water and impede the water absorption efficiency of the stems. It will also make the nutrients in the water unnecessary to consume.


Fifth, to avoid direct sunlight, away from mature fruits

    After the water bottle is inserted into the cut flowers, do not put it in direct sunlight, or place it closer to the source of the warmth. Otherwise, the flowers will be easy to give thanks. In addition, cut flower arrangements should not be placed near mature fruits, because ripe fruits and vegetables will release a lot of ethylene, leading to the decline of flowers, such as rose, carnation, narcissus, freesia, lilies, stars and other gases released to the fruit Are very sensitive.


Sixth, emergency measures can be taken

     If your family's flowers are unfortunately already dehydrated, you can also take some first-aid measures. When the squid begins to wilted, cut the squid end 3~6cm, and then put it in a container full of cold water to expose only the flower head. About 1 to 2 hours will be restored, this method is especially suitable for roses.