The More Flowers, The More Rich Experience

- Sep 11, 2017-

Now little partners pay more attention to health, the office desk on the release of a pot of plants is almost all the necessary work of office workers (although do not know is not really anti-radiation). But everyone in the hands of the flower pots are basically a flower pot on the table, a kind of normal long-headed green radish or something, nothing too much new ideas. But today to introduce the OASIS series is interesting, and its design inspiration comes from the office of the magnet whiteboard.

This series is on the table, there are vacant, and can be hung on the wall. Even on the table that one, but also slightly different with the traditional flower pot, because it has a rod in the middle, to facilitate the plants along the pole to climb up.

While the middle of the floating style is there are some thin lines, but also to facilitate the attachment of air plants and climbing.

To water the words are also very simple, ready to spray a spray bottle directly on the line on the line.

Put this kind of plant on the table, feel that they are Meng Meng da da.

Indoor flower pots with fruit trees, envy!

The more the more flowers, the more rich experience, the recent flower master who has not satisfied with the kinds of flowers and vegetables, and began to plant fruit trees, spring flowers, summer can see fruit, fall directly eat down, simply can not And then affordable friends, the baby know which fruit trees suitable for planting at home?

Grapes are climbing plants, species of flowers have all know, until the grapes grow up slowly, it is necessary to take it a shelf Oh, until the grape grow into, in the frame to drink tea chat, is also very comfortable The ah.

Potted grape conservation requirements:

1, moisture: grape demand for water is very high, so watering is the key, especially the potted grapes, must be timely watering to prevent drought, under normal circumstances in the grape nutrition long watering to ground, late results, Grape roots are more weak, this time to reduce the watering;

2, soil: potted grapes can choose loam or fine sandy soil is appropriate;

3, light: grapes for hi light plants, during growth must ensure adequate light, but in the fruit ripening to avoid excessive light, so as to avoid burning day.

Potted pomegranate conservation points:

1, soil: potted pomegranate choose rot leaf soil, soil and river sand mixed with the cultivation of soil, and add appropriate amount of organic fertilizer.

2, watering: pomegranate drought, hi dry environment, watering should grasp the "dry through the" principle, so that the basin to keep "see dry see wet, rather dry and not wet." In the flowering period, can not water too much, Pentu can not be too wet, or branches long, leading to falling flowers, fruit drop, fruit cracking phenomenon. Rainy season to timely drainage.

3, the sun: light and temperature is an important condition affecting the formation of pomegranate flower buds. The growth period requires full sunshine, and the more adequate the light, the more flowers the more bright. Leeward, sunny, dry environment conducive to flower bud formation and flowering. When the light is low, only long leaves do not flowering, affecting the viewing effect.

4, fertilization: potted pomegranate should be enough base fertilizer, and then before the winter and then apply a ripe organic fertilizer, and then every year before the winter and then apply a ripe organic fertilizer, potted pomegranate should be "thin fertilizer" Principle, the growth period of the week to apply a week thin fertilizer. Long-term topdressing phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, Paul flower fruit.