The Widest Range Of Applicators

- Sep 11, 2017-

Sowers are mostly single-grain sowing and precise control of the number of particles per acupoints. Generally on the basis of the various types of seeders on the basis of improved, such as improving the shape and size of the hole on the box, and only accept a seed and prevent the hole, the seeder and opener directly Connected or placed in the opener to reduce the height of the input, control the seed drop speed to avoid bounce, in the horizontal disc metering device to install the vertical disc-type device to change the direction of investment and reduce the height of the cast to avoid Seed displacement.

In the sowing device double disc type opener attached to the same bit limit wheel to ensure that the depth of planting stability. The multi-grain precision sowing machine is a kind of seeding mechanism between the seeder and the opener, so that the single seed of the seed is discharged into the seed group after the precise number of seed groups.

The sorting count of the seeder

      1, needle sowing device: the use of a row of suction nozzle from the vibration plate to adsorb seeds, when the seedling tray to reach the seeder below the nozzle will release the seeds, the seeds by the drop tube and receive the cup after landing on the seedling plate for planting. Is the most widely used sowing device, from the performance of the seeds such as Begonia to melon and other large seeds can be sowing accuracy of up to 99.9%. Each single-grain or multi-grain seeding can be.

      2, the drum sowing device: the use of a multi-row suction hole with the drum is now a vacuum to form a seed, go to the top of the nursery tray when the formation of low pressure air circulation of seeds for seeding. Suitable for large and medium nursery field of high efficiency precision sowing, suitable for most of the flowers and vegetables and other seeds up to 99% accuracy.

      3, flat sowing device: with a suction plate of the first sowing in the disk to form a vacuum adsorption seeds, and then turn the whole disk to the top of the disc and the formation of positive pressure in the plate to release seeds for seeding, the kind of product sowing Very high speed for most of the plugs and seeds, special seeds and too large and small seed sowing accuracy is not high and a small amount of planting can not be carried out.