These 12 Tools For Growing Flowers Are All Harmful, And Attention Should Be Paid To The Use Of Gardening Tools.

- Jul 06, 2018-

These 12 tools for growing flowers are all harmful, and attention should be paid to the use of gardening tools

When we raise flowers, we usually buy a lot of gardening tools, but some are harmful. When using them, be careful. It is best to use organic methods to grow flowers and vegetables, avoid pollution, and keep toxic substances away from flowering. The yard, the following 12 harmful tools to know.

1. "Organic" insecticide

Not all organic pesticides on the market are non-toxic. Many claim to be organic pesticides. In fact, they are only low-toxic pesticides. They also contain some chemicals. The most common one is pyrethrum, which contains some effects similar to human hormones. If repeated exposure has a risk of breast cancer, wear masks and gloves when spraying these organic pesticides.

2. Herbicide

There are a lot of weeding systems on the market that are very safe and are usually said to be harmless to animals and humans. But any pesticide that kills weeds has a certain impact on humans and pets. If it is sprayed near the water, it will easily pollute the water and possibly kill the fish.

3. Chemical fertilizer

Natural fertilizers and organic fertilizers are great ways to improve the soil in the yard. The most common is composting, which is a very good organic fertilizer. Some inorganic fertilizers on the market, such as phosphate, limestone and potassium dihydrogen phosphate, can be used. Improve soil fertility.

However, when using these chemical fertilizers, pay attention to the frequency of use, and the concentration used should not be too high. These chemical fertilizers have certain pollution effects on the soil, and severely, the content of heavy metals is too high.

4. Plastic hose

Some people will arrange plastic hoses in the yard for spraying plants. The price is very low, and the light use time is very long. It is much more convenient than rubber round tubes, but they also have some harm to pets and Humans pose a certain health risk.

These plastic tubes also have additives such as common phthalates and benzene. These chemicals are easily dissolved in water and air, and some plastic hoses contain toxic chemicals.

5. PVC garden boots

Nowadays, many people like PVC shoes very much. They have attractive colors and designs. Few people use old rubber shoes, but when PVC shoes are applied to the skin, some phthalates may be released.

Some PVC shoes with very bright colors will also be coated with some paints. Some heavy metals, such as lead and cadmium, will have certain side effects on the human brain, so be careful when using them.

6. PVC gloves

Many people use some plastic gloves for convenience, and think it will be better, but if you use it for a few hours a day, it will produce some harmful toxins. If you are doing gardening, it is best to buy rubber gloves or cloth gloves.

7. Vinyl fence

Some fences claim to be very durable, such as the common vinyl fences, which are very durable materials and are very light in quality, but they cause some pollution to the garden and are sustainable, preferably with bamboo, wood or recycled wood. As a fence.

8. Garden decorations

There are a lot of decorations in the garden that are amazing, decorative, eye-catching, and very cheap, but are you assured of their quality?

These gardening decorations made of plastic may be harmful to the human body. They contain some toxic substances. Avoid buying these plastic decorations, such as common statues, wind chimes and bird feeders. It is best to use wood, stone or An ornament made of glass.

9. Mat

These soft cushions are usually made of PVC or plastic foam. They also contain some harmful chemicals that can easily penetrate into the soil or the atmosphere. It is best to use some quality rubber mats instead.

10. Plastic film

Some friends will use the plastic film as a cover to suppress weeds and keep warm. The colors are essentially made of plastic. Covering the soil with it will have certain toxins and release chemicals. .

11. Rubber mulch

Some people in the yard will decorate some coverings, while some people use rubber as a covering, which is actually very unsuitable. It will produce some chemical effects and it will easily release some harmful substances into the soil or the atmosphere, such as Common polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons or phthalates.

12. Cocoa covering

Some people like to use cocoa as a cover. It is also a cocoa shell, it smells very good, easy to handle, and the viewing is also very good, but also to prevent weeds, but it is easy to make the soil alkaline, and also has a certain harm to the dog, we all know the dog pair Chocolate is very taboo, and cocoa contains these ingredients, which can easily lead to an increase in the heart rate of the dog, which can lead to epilepsy.