These Plants,Health House Essential

- May 18, 2018-

These plants · Health House Essential

New homes are often left with a lot of residual poisons during the renovation process. At this time, we will put some plants and flowers to remove these harmful substances. What kind of plants should we put in newly renovated houses?

Today I introduced some plants that can remove odors and protect against radiation.


Let's take a look!

The problem of excessive formaldehyde pollution is widespread among home renovations. More than 40% of new cancer patients are closely related to it every year. Children's long-term inhalation of formaldehyde may cause death from leukemia and upper respiratory tract infection. Each year 2.1 million children die from indoor pollution.

Managing indoor air is the primary task of every new parent. The selection of effective drug-addicted plants can increase air quality while improving air quality.

The green palm leaf of D. oleifera has a very effective purification effect on xylene and formaldehyde in the air, and it can be placed indoors to improve the environmental quality of the living room.

Monstera, also known as the Penglai banana, has a slightly weaker function of purifying the air. It is not a generalist for purifying the air like spider plants and aloe vera, but Monstera has a clear effect on the removal of formaldehyde from the air. In addition, Monstera has the effect of absorbing carbon dioxide at night, which is of great help in improving indoor air quality and increasing oxygen content.


Sansevieria used to clean the air played a good role. Studies have shown that Sansevieria can absorb some of the indoor harmful gases and can effectively remove harmful substances such as sulfur dioxide, chlorine, ether, ethylene, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides. It can be called a bedroom plant and even at night it can absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Six Qi Wa orchids with waist height can satisfy one's oxygen intake. The cultivation of Sansevieria in indoor areas can not only improve people's working efficiency, but also reduce window opening and ventilation during the summer.


Aloe Vera is a well-known beauties of beauty, but besides beauty, it can also purify the air. Aloe Vera is a good hand to absorb formaldehyde and can absorb 90% of the formaldehyde contained in 1 cubic meter of air.

Adiantum not only has its unique ornamental value, but also can absorb formaldehyde and purify air in the room. It can absorb a large amount of formaldehyde per hour, so it is considered to be the most effective biological "purifier".

Green radish can absorb benzene, trichloroethylene, formaldehyde, etc. in the air. The newly renovated new homes are well ventilated, use harmful gas adsorbents, and then put a few pots of green radish, which can basically meet the occupancy criteria. If in the office, green radish can convert formaldehyde into sugar or amino acids in the metabolism, it can also decompose the benzene emitted by photocopiers and printers.

White Crane suppresses the “experts” of human exhaled exhaust gases such as ammonia and acetone. At the same time it can also filter benzene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde in the air. Its high evaporation rate can prevent the nasal mucous membrane from drying out, which greatly reduces the possibility of illness.

Ivy is one of the most used materials in vine greening plants. It can not only achieve the effects of greening and beautification, but also play a role in increasing oxygen, cooling, dust reduction, and reducing noise. Indoor breeding can effectively resist cancer caused by nicotine. substance.

Chlorophytum can absorb more than 80% of the indoor harmful gases, superb absorption of formaldehyde. General room raised l ~ 2 pots of spider plants, toxic gases can be absorbed in the air exhausted, so Chlorophytum has "green purifier" reputation.

Modern home decoration is not only fashionable but also healthy and natural. With these air-purifying green plants, you can ensure the health of your family and place them in a staggered manner with other indoor decorations while allowing the interior to be filled with art. The atmosphere, so decorated their own home, beautiful and healthy.