To Create A Beautiful And Beautiful And Auspicious Healthy Office Environment

- Sep 11, 2017-

Office feng shui plant layout and precautions

Suitable for a lot of plants placed in the office, the product phase should choose lush foliage plants, the color evergreen evergreen for the election, there are flowers can also, these plants can make people energetic, work with the heart. But because the office space is limited, so the plant is not a lot of the better, Moreover, the plant is not good and bad. So the plant layout has the following five elements:

1, coordination of space

To pay attention to the coordination of plants and space, plant color and attitude must be coordinated with the space, people feel comfortable, and the plant and office people have a close relationship to create a warm, full of vibrant and efficient office environment.

2, easy to arrange

The greening of office space should be easy to set up, evergreen evergreen, without having to mind whether the plant species are exotic flowers and plants, and there is no need to know how much space can be used. Every space in the office can be The scale of the greening project, the key to greening is some kind of easy to grow and make the visual pleasure of the plant.

3, the correct position

In general, the focus of office space in the office of the financial position, that is, the office of the diagonal position of the door, where you can put a flower pot, planting long flowering, but also auspicious plants, the appearance of flowers should be Showing straight shape, to create a simple and elegant, vibrant office style.

And thorn plants, such as cactus, keel, jade unicorn, etc., only suitable for the flower pot, terrace and other outdoor places, and there are sharp corners of the opposite objects, such as corner sharp and the like, Use. These plants, within the company should not be placed, otherwise it will form an evil.

If the door on the stairs, available fish tail Kwai, brown bamboo placed in the phase of the evil. In addition, in the bathroom and other places should not be placed some climbing plants, otherwise it will lead to internal staff contradictions, and affect the stomach health.

4, distinguish between true and false

Ribbon flowers, plastic flowers can also be put into the room, because these fake flowers and no life, for the indoor feng shui is not big. But to note that if the use of rockery to set off the plant, do not choose the shape of the rugged rockery, because the rugged shape of the rockery is also a kind of evil, on the indoor will make people vulnerable to injury or illness. In the office feng shui layout, it is best not to use dried flowers, because of its symbol of death and decline.

5, timely care

The office is placed with Yuhuai onion, full of vitality of the potted plants, on the one hand can be pleasant visual senses, more heavy Jia is the basin in this relatively independent space, the formation of a vibrant field, can increase the thriving atmosphere , This state will spread to the entire office space, complement each other, thus promoting the company's fortune situation, virtually for the company by Wang.

But the office plant to be careful care, do not think that as long as the layout can sit back and forth, if found withered withered, should be pruned as soon as possible, or take care of, otherwise it will lead to heavy work, luck is not smooth.

Plant function is very large, can cure evil, can be self-cultivation, Wang Wang Wang. However, if the office empty green layout improperly, select the plant species is not right, but also to the cause of many adverse consequences, only in a reasonable choice and layout of the case, will bring you all kinds of help. So the company set the green, if you can seriously refer to the above recommendations, it will create a beautiful and beautiful and auspicious health office environment.