Used To Hold The Beautiful Branches Of Flowers

- Sep 11, 2017-

Vase with a long time, there will be a lot of stains on the wall, dirty things so that the vase is not crystal clear, seriously affecting the ornamental. It is difficult to remove these stains alone.

When cleaning the vase, first use the water to wet the bottle wall, and then take the right amount of salt on the finger, according to the wall in the vase with salt wipe. salt

With the scrub gradually dissolve, rinse with water can be clean, then you will find the vase wall and crystal as ever.

Sometimes the bottom of the vase will have a lot of dirty things, because the bottle deep and small, the hand is difficult to reach into the cleaning, even with tools, it is difficult to remove these stubborn stains, this time can use "84 disinfectant." First in the bottle by adding a small amount of water, then add the right amount of "84 disinfectant", the amount of how much depending on the stain situation. After an hour, put the cloth wrapped around a small stick, into the bottle, gently rub the bottom of the bottle, you will find those very stubborn stains, it is easy to clean up the beginning.

Vase The vase is a kind of utensils made of ceramic or glass. The Vase vase is made of expensive material such as crystal.

Used to hold the beautiful branches of flowers, the bottom of the vase usually filled with water, so that plants remain active and beautiful.

Modern home decorations, just practical is not enough. More and more designers into the ingenious mind, will beautify the function of home applications in the ordinary home decorations.

Ceramic vases are fragile items, maintenance of ceramics, mainly to prevent external damage factors. The so-called external destructive factors, there are natural factors, human factors and unexpected factors. Natural factors mainly refers to the temperature, light, dust, etc., ceramic vases do not place in high temperature light, especially thin ceramic bottles. Ceramic vases have accumulated dust, use a soft cloth to wipe, like the baby's young skin care as carefully. Place it properly to prevent dumping. Appreciation to take off the hands of the ring and other hard objects, beware of scratch glazed or knock the edge along. Take the utensils, one hand care, the other hand to hold the body, do not just one hand to seize the mouth of the device picked up.

Pottery and porcelain is different, pottery is burned out with the mud. Porcelain is made of porcelain stone powder, stirring into the pulp, into the mold made of. The same temperature burned out of the pottery and porcelain, porcelain hardness to be stronger.

Deco pottery vase made after painting on the surface, and then decals, and finally spray varnish to protect the flowers, so that it is not easy to fall. Production is used to make ceramics with white clouds, bright ceramic is burning white embryo, and then glaze, paint, the whole process needs to be baked twice. Ceramic vase surface is no light is sprayed matte paint, and some spray half-lacquer.

High-temperature ceramic vases are made with ceramic, the temperature reaches more than 800 degrees, there is a certain hardness, sound crisp. High temperature ceramic vase above the pattern is in the glaze before the hand-painted, the color is filled up. High temperature ceramic vase and medium and low temperature ceramic vase The most obvious difference is the water absorption, high temperature ceramic vase water absorption is less than 0.2%, the product is easy to clean will not adsorb odor, no glaze cracks and local leakage phenomenon. Medium and low temperature ceramic vases have much higher water absorption than this standard.