What Kind Of Flower Pot Is Best For Yew?

- Jul 27, 2018-

What Kind of Flower Pot is Best for Yew?

Many people like to choose a large flower pot to plant and grow plants, which can save time and effort. In fact, this is a manifestation of the lack of experience in pot cultivation. Because the choice of flower pots is not good, it not only affects the aesthetic effect of potted plants or bonsai, but also has a direct connection with the growth of plants.

If the selected flowerpot is too large and too deep, it is not only inconsistent with the potted plants, but also contains more pots and soils, and the nutrients are more dispersed. This is not developed for small plants, especially roots, and the roots are shallow. For plants, it is undoubtedly a waste, and it is not conducive to its normal growth. On the other hand, if the flower pot is too small or too shallow, it will also ignore the growth of the plant, especially the plants with developed roots.

At the same time, the color, shape and texture of the flower pot can have an important influence on the aesthetics and growth effects of the potted plants. I will not go into details here. So, what pot is best for potted yew?

According to the above statement, potted plants and flowerpots should be in harmony with the plants they grow, regardless of their size or color. They are required to be both beautiful and practical, and suitable for plant growth. The same is true for potted yews, so we should carefully consider the choice of pots to avoid affecting the appearance and hinder the growth of the plants.

First, the size aspect

Potted yews, considering the root distribution and growth reasons, usually need to choose a slightly larger and slightly more pots, the principle is not to affect the aesthetics, but also to meet the growth needs.


Second, the shape aspect

There are no strict standards and requirements in terms of shape, and it is usually compatible with the yew, which looks more beautiful. This can be decided according to personal preferences.

Third, the color aspect

Similar to the shape, the color of the main selected flowerpot cannot form an overly obvious contrast with the plant, which affects the overall ornamental nature of the potted plant. In short, in terms of color, you can choose what color to look at how comfortable you are. But usually it needs to be decided according to the aesthetics of the public.

Fourth, the texture aspect

The texture of the flower pot often affects the growth of the plant to a large extent. Since the yew also likes the permeable and permeable inner environment, the material and texture of the selected flower pot are required to have a relatively strong permeability, which makes it beneficial to both. Breathable and permeable.


Five, functional aspects

The function of the flower pot is also very important. We need to consider it, especially the function of promoting the growth of the plant. It is usually necessary to select the flower pot with multiple drains at the pelvic bottom, which can improve the permeable and permeable water of the pelvic floor.

In summary, after considering the various aspects of the flowerpot, for the choice of potted yew pots, what kind of flower pot is best, it is recommended to give priority to the purple sand pot, then the pottery pot, the mud pot and so on.