What Kind Of Plants Are Suitable For Each Room

- Apr 03, 2018-

What kind of plants are suitable for each room

1. Study Room: It is a place for reading, writing, and sometimes serving as a place to receive guests. The green decoration of the study should be bright, fresh, and elegant. The plant layout should not be too eye-catching, but should choose plants that are not dazzling in color and have more general postures, such as Xilin, Ivy, and Zhubi, hanging on the corners or the top of the bookcase.


2. Foyer: The decoration of this location should give people a bright feeling, giving people a different perception, the hall space is often narrow, there is only a hallway aisle, you can choose to regularize or clasp to the columnar Plants, such as Brazil iron, a leaf orchid, etc.; often use spider plants, ferns and other plants.

3. The living room: The main place for daily living is the center of family activities. The plant configuration should emphasize the key points and should not be confused. Plants with larger blades and larger plants such as Maraba, Brazil Iron, and Hulk can be selected. Or vines, such as D. oleifera, weeping twigs, and emeralds.


4, bedroom: The main function is to sleep and rest, decorate the decoration is also very important, the choice of plants to small, light green is better, can be placed on the desk, a few shelves put asparagus, Monstera, ferns and so on. If the space permits, it can also be placed on the ground modeling plants, such as the heart Xilin, Brazil iron, umbrella trees and so on.