What Problems Should Be Paid Attention To When Translating To The Canton Fair For The First Time?

- Apr 13, 2018-

What problems should be paid attention to 

when translating to the Canton Fair for the first time?

       The Canton Fair is coming again, here are some tips for those people who want to be a translater:

       First of all, if it is an English translation, then it will be difficult to do. Most exporters will bring their own salespersons. English may be more fluent than you, and the knowledge of multiple products can be fully grasped. Some large customers have already had a good relationship with the salesperson. If you are in a small language, they may be escorted in a Chinese office. Even if a customer is on the side of the court looking for a translator and you are selected, then you have to go through many translations. Inside, to find such customers are mostly engaged in the procurement of what kind of products, later familiar with similar products in order to be able to fluent in the back; I have seen a brother to the people to translate, watching me talk to the customer, he From the beginning to the end, there was no sentence. Girls have a natural affinity, and clients who are mistaken in time will understand it, but you learn more about how your role is handled in the communication. In addition, I also see that those translators have to help the customer carry a very heavy catalogue. Running around, lunch time has no time to eat at ease, and even the time to drink water in the day is less, that is to fight physical strength, ah, we exhibited in these businesses are standing most of the time, you have to follow the customer to run around, so: 1 wear formal wear 2 shoes should be flat; 3 carry energy bars to supplement energy; 4 hot cup, find a good clerk contact hot water, ice water is not good, you need to warm the stomach to digest; 5 do not tell customers When you are given a break, you can analyze the following aspects: (1) How do you find your customers as early as possible in the case of many competitors who are all translators? Think of fishing, we try not to get together; (2) can you share your client's lozenges with a little bit of energy and ask him to think that you are very caring? (3) If the client is good and everyone gets along well, is he going to leave a contact with him and returning to you next time? (4) It's best to communicate with your similar classmates.

Author: Wang Xinhua

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