Windowsill Balconies Can Also Enjoy Bright And Colorful Sedum

- Sep 11, 2017-

Multi-meat plant color the most important 4 elements: 1. sunshine conditions 2. ventilation environment 3. temperature 4. air humidity

When the four elements in your home can be met, the meat will become very easy, the following began to analyze one by one.

1. sunshine conditions

The longer the sunshine, the better the better, rather than the stronger the better, too strong sunshine is easy to sunburn. Greenhouses and greenhouses in the rich color of the main reason is the sunshine time is long enough, most can reach 6-8 hours. 

Home more difficult to achieve such a long sunshine time, balconies and terraces generally have 3-5 hours of sunshine, is enough. If the daily sunshine in 2 hours, it is recommended to give up Sedum, almost no bright colors. Or sell a house to buy a terrace.

The following is the greenhouse every day sunshine 6-8 hours of flesh color 2. Ventilation environment

Ventilation has always been one of the most critical elements of raising meat, in fact its role is: to accelerate the evaporation of water, while reducing the temperature. Placed in the indoor ventilation is poor, the water is more volatile in the flower pot, more meat will always absorb water growth, so green. (Especially leaf heart, green for growth) and the indoor temperature is also relatively constant, so the color becomes more difficult.

Windowsill and balcony need to open the window ventilation, the terrace to build a glass room, then the South can only take the top rain, surrounded by transparent. North due to the winter temperature is too low, need all-inclusive, but also to install heating facilities. Winter is not required ventilation, the winter is not required ventilation, the winter is not required ventilation.

The following is in the glass room, to keep 24 hours of window ventilation of the meat (the windows open a lot, excellent ventilation). Fire festival is generally more difficult in the room all red, use it to test the best environment for conservation.


High temperature fade, low temperature color.

Low temperature environment, the most obvious color of meat, the simplest example is the winter glass room and greenhouse meat color the most beautiful, and summer arrival, in addition to some special varieties, basically will fade green. Spring and autumn season, some of the flesh of the meat into the outdoor care, to accept the large temperature ventilation environment, the color is the fastest, and some even 2-3 days will turn red.

Most of the more flesh long after the very weak, suddenly get outdoors environment mutation, it is easy to hurt, need to gradually progressive. The health of meat is more important than coloring.

4. Air humidity

This is often overlooked by many people, the other reason is that dew, the individual guess is due to the lower temperature around the water droplets, plus the wind after the cooling faster? Anyway, I will be in the morning or evening a small amount of water spray a little bit (very thin that kind of spray, will not hurt the protective layer of meat), color will be much faster than no water droplets.

Another reason may be the north is relatively dry, the South is too high humidity, is not needed this.

In fact, in addition to the above four elements, the more varieties of meat plants also have a great relationship, in addition to some of the classic common varieties of color is easy to keep outside, the emergence of some new hybrids color is also very good, well control can even keep the whole summer fade.

And perhaps friends will feel that the soil, watering will also affect the meat color, as long as the above four elements to achieve 2-3, more meat color will become very easy, soil and water control of course, can also add Minute.