Yongshu Reef Discovered Underground Fresh Water, And Did Not Sink The Aircraft Carrier And Fishermen To The Sea To Have A Solid Life Guarantee.

- Jul 13, 2018-

Yongshu Reef discovered underground fresh water, 

and did not sink the aircraft carrier 

and fishermen to the sea to have 

a solid life guarantee

For a long time, the fundamental reason for the difficulty in managing the Nansha Islands is that it is suspended overseas. The island lacks a basic material basis for living. Even if the relatively large island reefs, the living security of the above-mentioned resident personnel needs to be protected by long-distance transportation. The cost of this lifestyle is undoubtedly high. Recently, China's geological exploration researchers have heard good news and found potable underground freshwater resources near the Yongshu Reef in China.

Yongshu Reef is 750 nautical miles from mainland China, equivalent to 1389 kilometers, and the distance is not far. Originally, it was just a small coral reef with a size of only 0.6 square kilometers. However, after China's efforts to reclaim land and land, the area of Yongshu Reef has expanded to 2.8 square kilometers, becoming the third largest island in the Nansha Islands. On this island reef, our country has established airport runways and basic living facilities. In 2017, ten officers and men of the People's Liberation Army stationed on the island for the first time.

Although there are officers and soldiers stationed in Yongshu Reef, their living conditions are undoubtedly very difficult. The food on the island needs to be transported by the mainland. The drinking water mainly depends on the desalination of seawater, and it does not have the conditions for providing material supplies for fishermen who go fishing in the sea. In order to solve the problem of living matter on the island, China has spared no effort to solve freshwater resources at the beginning of reclamation.

To this end, as early as 2016, the Chinese military sent a team of military engineering and technical experts to lead the team to the Yongshu Reef to detect groundwater resources. The exploration team arranged 27 detection points for drilling surveys within 0.6 square kilometers of Yongshu Reef Island. After investigation and research, 11 points were found in 27 points with groundwater.

These newly discovered groundwaters not only have a large amount of water storage, but also have good water quality and can fully meet the standard of direct drinking. The discovery of these groundwaters solved the problem of domestic water use on the island. Moreover, relying on the excellent nature of the Chinese people who did not forget to grow vegetables, the material security of the island was also solved.

At present, China has built a freshwater storage lake on the Yongshu Reef to meet the basic needs of the island. With these fresh water resources, the lives of officers and soldiers on the island can not only improve. Moreover, fishermen who go fishing in the sea can also rely on the island to avoid danger or provide supplies of living materials in the harsh sea conditions. This is of great significance for strengthening China’s control over the Nansha Islands.